Weekend Wardrobe: Wide Leg Pants, Patched Jeans and More

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weekend wardrobe

This weekend, why not wear something you’ve never worn before? Wide leg pants, hats and more are the perfect styles you should try out. Bring out some new looks from your wardrobe.

Wide leg pants

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Step outside your comfort zone with these cropped wide legged pants. A tighter crop top would complete the look without making you look frumpy, and some simple heels could dress up the entire outfit.

Wrap skirt

Wrap skirts are the comfy and cute piece you need this summer. Whether it’s printed or a solid color, replace your generic sun dress with a wrap skirt to switch it up.

See through top

Mesh & Velvet – new arrivals now up! WWW.SWANKBOUTIQUE.COM

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Sometimes, letting your bralette show isn’t the worst thing in the world. As long as the rest of your outfit isn’t showing too much, wear a dark colored bralette under a light, thin shirt to rock a more edgy vibe.


Why do I keep sitting in grass when I'm allergic to it? 🤷‍♀️

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Don’t be afraid to wear a hat! While they might not work with every outfit, hats can step up a look very quickly. This weekend, try rocking a hat with a simple outfit.

Patched jeans

what's new tho

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Instead of wearing typical skinny jeans, opt for some jeans with patches. They give off a bit of a 90’s vibe, and you could even DIY them.

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