Weekend Wardrobe: Beachy Pants, Jumpsuits and More

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It’s almost the weekend, ladies. Time to search through your closet for 3 hours endlessly looking for something amazing to wear. Although I do this way too often, I’m here to help YOU never struggle with coming up with something to wear.

Destroyed denim shorts

Last day of my 20's! Wooohoo! 🤗 not sure if I should be excited or terrified…😳 #findnikki

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If you don’t have a pair of distressed denim shorts, what are you doing? But really, these are a staple for summertime (in my book at least). You can wear them over a swimsuit, with heels/booties, with a fancy top, with anything. You need at least one pair, and then 5 more in every color.

Flowy beach pants

If you’re going to the beach at all this summer, you need these pants. Not only are they comfy and cute for a chilly beach day/night, they’ll make you look like the Instagram model you wish you were.

Cat eye sunglasses

There is nothing more satisfying than wearing a brand new pair of sunglasses while driving. Why not pick up a pair of cat eye shades that make people look twice?

Pajama shorts

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Okay, I’m not suggesting you wear pajamas in public. But this style of comfy, pajama-like shorts are totally acceptable to wear to just about any occasion. I love this style because I can still look put together while feeling super comfortable at the same time. Get a few pairs in neutral shades and you’ll never run out of outfit options.

Knit tank tops

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Don’t limit yourself by exclusively wearing sweaters in the winter! A knit tank top adds texture and color to your outfit the way nothing else can. Pair it with jeans or shorts, and you’re ready for a cute night out.

Detailed flats

While this style of shoe might not be up everyone’s alley, consider trying out the flat style with some embroidery on the top. With any neutral outfit, they can spice up the whole look.

Flowy jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are having a moment. Whether they’re tight, flowy, ankle length or strapless, they’re just cool. In particular, flowy jumpsuits offer comfort and style all in one. And isn’t this leafy print to die for?

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