The Secrets of a Virgo Man

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It can always be challenging for a woman to attract a Virgo man. Now, the question is what does it take to attract a Virgo man?

Having a good understanding of his personality traits is enough to engineer a successful seduction. To attract a Virgo man, you are also expected to be fairly put together. Contrary to the nature or seduction styles of most men, you might need to make the first move to seduce a Virgo man.

The following explanations will equip you with the knowledge on how to seduce, if not all, at least a good number of Virgo men.

Appearance of a Virgo man

As it is very essential to look good for every occasion, a Virgo man is always conscious of his look and attire. Whether the event is casual or not, he would ensure that his clothes are neat and matching. You may instantly turn off a Virgo man if you are a type that does not care about your wardrobe.

To a Virgo man, your hair and makeup are just as important as your outfit. Most men do not care about this, but a Virgo man notices it a bit more than others. Ensure that his comments are positive. When deciding the type of fragrance to use, a Virgo man will always go for something fresh, subtle, and clean. He strongly abhors strong fragrances.

Personality traits of a Virgo man 

A Virgo man expects his mate to be a perfectionist as he is also considered to be a well-known perfectionist. He is very strict to punctuality so ensure you arrive for dates in time whenever you have one.

The Virgo man appreciates a socially acceptable demeanor and usually falls for women who are conservative, subtle, and appropriate in their manners for an occasion. Just be free and enjoy a great time when you are out with a Virgo man but ensure you keep a refined attitude that fits such occasion. You do not have to tell rude jokes at a dinner engagement – which is not a good idea around a Virgo man.

Honesty is so important to a Virgo man, so you need to be very honest if you would want to move forward with such a type of man as he has an innate ability to detect lies quickly.

Criticisms must be avoided as a Virgo man takes it badly. He has a tendency to be highly critical so try never to let this force retaliation as this may ruin your chances of seducing a Virgo man. Remember, a Virgo man is always very sensitive.

Romantic intentions of a Virgo man 

A Virgo man is always notoriously slow at seducing and showing his romantic intentions. It falls to the woman to make the first move to the Virgo man. He will always put himself in situations where you can easily make the first move – and he indeed wants this to happen. If he wants to give you an opportunity to make a romantic connection, he will organize an event that pushes you to do so.

One thing about a male Virgo man is that a Virgo man sees any change as a complete change so he may be quite resistant to change. So if you push for a change, he may become overwhelmed. If a Virgo woman is in a relationship with a male Virgo partner, she needs to be aware that he has a natural and unconscious need to control the feminine mind. In the outside world, it may appear that he needs to control emotions or the woman in his life.

You need to set out boundaries so that:

A). You do not hurt yourself in your relationship with him.

B). You can also focus on someone (maybe him) or someone else in the outside world.

C). Your expression of your emotions can open space for him to release the control of his emotions and possibly get excited about you.

You really have to express yourself honestly when giving him space either to continue controlling his emotions or if he is ready to grow and start a good relationship. So don’t struggle with him – allow him to express his intention and feelings.

If you keep to the rules and regulations given in the seduction steps, you will know how to seduce a Virgo man successfully. A Virgo man is known to be caring, genuinely loving, and sensitive.

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